About Us

We both, Luc Ciompi and Martin Baatz, got known each other in 1994 when we worked at the Konrad-Lorenz-Institute in Altenberg not far from Vienna, Austria. Many joint interests also beside science were the foundation of a friendship that even overcame the pitfalls and snags that automatically come with a private research project that over the years grew to an unexpected scope. 
The combination of Lucs decade-long practical experience and research in the area of psychology including it's work on the concepts of affect-logic and the background of Martin in evolutionary and systems theory with an additional experience in software development provided us with the needed theoretical and practical know-how.

The idea for this project was born in Lucs hut up in the Swiss mountains. Also the majority of the work was done here, in an environment of stunning beauty, impressive natural forces and continous change. That gave us great opportunities to explore the fascinating aspects of emotion, energy and evolution, in many different ways.

Luc Ciompi

Born 1929 in Florence/Italy. Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist, former medical director of the socio-psychiatric university clinic in Berne/Switzerland. Author of the concept of affect-logic. Founder of the therapeutic community "Soteria Berne". Promoter of community based care-systems for rehabilitation and crisis intervention, based on an integrative (psycho-socio-biological) approach to mental illness. Numerous scientific honours and awards; doctor honoris causa of the University of Lausanne/Switzerland in 2008.
For more information see: www.ciompi.com

Martin Baatz

Born 1963 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Vice President Solutions & Services at Definiens AG, Munich. Studies in biology, conducting and singing. PhD-research with a Konrad-Lorenz-Grant at the Yale University, CT, focus on evolutionary and systems theory. Since 1996 at Definiens in a research team around Physics Nobel Laureate Gerd Binnig involved in developing technology for handling complex data. For several years responsible for the R&D of the image analysis technology at Definiens. Involved in building up Definiens IP portfolio and author of numerous related publications.
Contact: mbaatz@definiens.com